25 October 2013
25 October 2013,
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When diagnosed with scoliosis, whether it is mild scoliosis or severe scoliosis, we always think over how to prevent it from further progression. Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine that curves from side to side. The condition of scoliosis differs from person to person based on the pattern, location and severity.

According to the curves, scoliosis can be divided into three types: mild scoliosis, moderate scoliosis and severe scoliosis. In generally any curve less than 10 degrees is considered normal and probably isn’t monitored. When the curve is below 25 degrees, it is called mild scoliosis. Curves from 26 to 40 degrees are moderate. When the curve is greater than 45 degrees, it is severe scoliosis.

With some unknown reasons, scoliosis will progress. It will do harms to our health as it develops, causing heart and lungs medical problems. The abnormal changes of the appearance will turn more and more apparent. With those concerns we need to know how to prevent mild scoliosis from getting worse.

Surgery is a sure way of preventing scoliosis from getting worse. However, mild scoliosis is much far away from 40 or 45 degrees which is the point recommended for surgery. Thus patients often prefer non-surgical options first.

Patients can take alternative treatment into consideration. Some patients feel they have benefited from Zhang’s Combination Therapy, chiropractic adjustments, massage, electronic muscle stimulation and other alternative treatments. Some of these treatments not only can release the discomfort, but also can reduce the curved spine and stop its further progression.

Besides, doctors would advise some exercises for patients which benefits the muscle, ligament, and tissues along the spine. This may help reduce some discomfort. Brace will be advised to keep the curve from getting worse, or at least slow down the speed at the curve is increasing.

Alternative treatment is always the best choice for mild scoliosis prevention, not only reducing the curved spine but also stopping the progression.

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